About Punku

Punku, door in native language, has been recently founded giving you the opportunity of enjoying wearing the most delicate garments proudly made and designed in Bolivia, using precious Alpaca yarn and fur that will keep you warm, maintaining their shape for many years. At Punku we promote Fair Trade with our trading practices, and we have a commitment to improve the living conditions for the people in Bolivia. By purchasing our products you will be helping mainly women to provide a higher standard of living for their families and looking after their children while working at their homes. We strongly believe in the right for all to have a healthy life with a positive outlook for the future and wearing a garment which is certainly unique in a world of mass production, you can be different and also make a difference in someone’s life.


Help us to sell more. If you are interested in wholesale, please place an order at any time of the year for us to start working.